AB on FB Audio, Big Ten Media Rights

AB on FB Audio, Big Ten Media Rights
Photo by Aryan Singh / Unsplash

Hey, thanks for taking some time out of your day to check out AB on FB, unique analysis on college football.

If you've followed my work in the past – thanks so much! – then you know that I've written long-form articles using a lot of gifs, diagrams, videos, and anything else I think might be helpful in explaining football. As much as I love putting together a good long-form, detailed article I realize it can be time consuming for you to read. And, quite frankly, it can be time consuming for me to put together.

At AB on FB I'll being doing much, much more with audio and video. If I'm being honest this is a little outside of my comfort zone. However, by doing more with audio and video I'll be able to produce and present content more efficiently. You'll also be able to consume it more easily than, say, a long-form article.

This week I wanted to introduce to you the audio quality you can expect from me on all podcasts and videos. Embedded below is an audio card of a mini podcast I've put together. I would really appreciate your feedback on this – good, bad, or otherwise. Please, shoot me an email or a direct message on Twitter and give me the honest truth. What was your listening experience like?

In the future, podcasts will be available directly within your podcast app of choice and videos will be posted to YouTube.

Lastly, this post isn't only about audio quality. I do talk a little bit about college football, too, starting about halfway through this five minute episode. I reference an SI.com article by Richard Johnson titled "The Big Ten Has a Prime Opportunity With Its Media Rights Package." I would highly encourage you to check it out – and all of Richard's work – at this link.

Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate your feedback!

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