Good Vibes Team: Defense

Good Vibes Team: Defense

Welcome back to another AB on FB off-season newsletter.

Today, we're wrapping up the All-Good Vibes team on the defensive side of the ball. Last week was our 2022 Offensive All-Good Vibes team. If you missed that post you can check it out here at this link. If you're wondering what a Good Vibes player is, I did my best to describe it in that post. It's not something that can be easily described, but you know a Good Vibes player when you see one.

I do want to make one minor clarification, though. In the Offensive All-Good Vibes team article I wrote about how identifying a Good Vibes player is a subjective process. You can't necessarily claim that if a player meets a particular set of criteria then that player is a Good Vibes player. That's still accurate. However, there is one factor that all Good Vibes players will have in common. Good Vibes players do require at least some amount of experience playing college football. It doesn't matter if that experience comes at the FCS level, or if a player has had limited snaps to this point in his career. The point is that they have at least put traits on film.

This requirement has a couple of implications. First, it means that any player without experience – yes, even the five star true freshman that everyone swears is the next Peyton Manning – will not make a Good Vibes team. I'm OK with that. Such a player might demonstrate that they are worthy of a Good Vibes team selection with their play when they get an opportunity, but they aren't one right now. The Good Vibes team is intended to celebrate the players who have already made an impact on the sport. Secondly, this means that the Good Vibes team will be slightly biased towards older, more experienced players.

Alright, with the "rules" out of the way here is your 2022 Defensive All-Good Vibes team. These are your players to watch this season if you enjoy watching fun football players make plays. Quick note: there is more nuance with defensive positioning. What if a new coaching staff came in and changed a player's role completely? Should a slot-corner be its own category or included with the generic corners category? Should there be a difference between strong and free safeties? And, of course, what's the difference between a defensive end, an edge, and an outside linebacker? I hope the inclusion of additional linebacker and generic defensive back selections help solve some potential conflicts. If not, well, we'll get it right next year.

OK, now on to your 2022 Defensive All-Good Vibes team.

First Team Good Vibes

Garrett Nelson - DE, Nebraska
Will Anderson Jr. - DE, Alabama
Keeanu Benton - DT, Wisconsin

Calijah Kancey - DT, Pittsburgh
Nick Herbig - LB, Wisconsin
Jack Campbell - LB, Iowa
James Patterson - LB, Buffalo
Emmanuel Forbes - CB, Mississippi State
Patrick McMorris - CB, San Diego State
Jalen Catalon - S, Arkansas
Kenny Logan Jr. - S, Kansas
Arquon Bush - DB, Cincinnati
Lou Hedley - P, Miami (FL)

Second Team Good Vibes

Byron Young - DE, Tennessee
Will McDonald IV - DE, Iowa State
Siaki Ika - DT, Baylor

Dante Stills - DT, West Virginia
Isaiah Foskey - LB, Notre Dame
Noah Sewell - LB, Oregon
Antonio Grier Jr. - LB, USF
Rejzohn Wright - CB, Oregon State
Tiawan Mullen - CB, Indiana
Marquel Broughton - S, Army
Jerrick Reed II - S, New Mexico
Darrell Luter Jr. - DB, South Alabama
Nik Constantinou - P, Texas A&M

Honorable Mention Good Vibes

Derick Hall - DE, Auburn
Rondell Bothroyd - DE, Wake Forest
Elijah Simmons - DT, Tennessee

Myles Murphy - DT, North Carolina
Tuli Tuipulotu - LB, USC
Bumper Pool - LB, Arkansas
Justin Wright - LB, Tulsa
Tony Grimes - CB, North Carolina
Kyu Blu Kelly - CB, Stanford
JL Skinner - S, Boise State
Ji'Ayir Brown - S, Penn State
Sydney Brown - DB, Illinois
Joe Doyle - P, Memphis

A major congratulations to the 2022 Defensive All-Good Vibes team. You've earned it! If you feel like anyone has been snubbed please come and argue with me about it on Twitter. No one yelled at me about the 2022 Offensive All-Good Vibes team, which I can only assume means that the team was definitive and totally flawless.

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Here is what the rest of the summer looks like at AB on FB before we kick this 2022 season off:

  • Thursday, August 18th: Stat Spreadsheets and PDFs
  • Thursday, August 25th: Sample Scheme Session

So close to Week Zero!