Perfect Saturday: Week 10, 2022

Good morning!

Welcome to Week Ten of the college football season. How is the season almost over already?! Thank you so much for starting your Saturday morning off with the Perfect Saturday newsletter. I hope after reading it you'll know today's best games to watch in each broadcast window. Before getting to the games, though, here are a few things that I have produced over the last week that you may have missed.

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Also, a couple of reminders for you.

  • I wasn't sure what it would look like, but last week I tried out a Twitter Space at halftime. The response was way better than I anticipated! We'll do it again this week. Watch my Twitter account around halftime for a link to the space. I'll also record it and post it just in case you would like to go back and listen later.
  • Maybe you don't want to ask anything in the Twitter Space? Maybe something comes up in the second half? If you have any questions during the game that you would like me to answer fire them my way here: I will let you know where to find an answer from me - Twitter, Article, or YouTube - after the game.
  • I would LOVE your feedback on all things AB on FB! Some of you have already filled out my subscriber survey, and I am so appreciative of that. If you haven't or if you would like to send more feedback, you can do so at this link: You could also shoot me an email at: I want to hear anything that's on your mind so I can make this project better and better. What other things would you like to see? How do you like to consume content? Is the price too high? Let me know!

For two weeks in a row now the Perfect Saturday newsletter picks haven't met my expectations. Week Eight was a bad week for me. The three game picks were decided by an average of 11.3 points. Then, last week I set a season-worst mark. The three picks in Week Nine were decided by an average of 12 points. That's horrible!

I knew that Ole Miss and Texas A&M would be close in a sicko kind of way. Absolutely nailed that one. But, it was slim pickings in the other time slots. I took a few chances, and like an overly aggressive defensive back I was burned. Ohio State and Penn State hasn't been a close game in years. I knew that wasn't going to change this season, but I talked myself into picking that game anyway. For a while I felt like a genius! Penn State probably has the best secondary that Ohio State will see this year, at least until the Michigan game. The Nittany Lions contained the Buckeye passing attack, and actually led at halftime. But, my hopes were dashed as the game wore on. A 28-point fourth quarter from Ohio State put this one out of reach, and made the final score look much more lopsided than the game was in reality.

In the afternoon we went with Northwestern at Iowa. Well, not really. I did warn you all that this one would be ugly and to look elsewhere. The problem was, there wasn't really anywhere else to look. Oklahoma State at Kansas State looked appealing on paper, but ended as a 48-point thrashing. Georgia and Florida always has some intrigue, but that one was a 22-point blow out. So, at least Northwestern and Iowa was a little better? I guess?

Things weren't as bad as they look. Still, we don't make excuses around here! Time to reverse this losing skid. Let's have a day today.

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