Perfect Saturday: Week 11, 2022

Good morning!

Welcome to Week Eleven of the college football season. I am stoked because today I will be live and in-person for a college football game. What could be better?! My dad has never been to the state of Iowa before. So, he and I are off to Iowa City to watch the Hawkeyes take on the Badgers from Kinnick Stadium. I've heard so much about the gameday atmosphere at Kinnick, and I can't wait to see if it lives up to the hype. I hope you are every bit as excited as I am for this college football Saturday!

Thank you so much for starting your Saturday morning off with the Perfect Saturday newsletter. After reading I know you'll feel more informed about the best games of the day. Before getting to the games here are a few items that I have produced over the last week that you may have missed.

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Here are a few housekeeping items before the game picks.

  • This week we will NOT have a Twitter Space at halftime. I've really enjoyed these over the last two weeks. They've gone much better than I ever expected. We'll be en route to Iowa City while the Tennessee game is on, so I won't be available. Halftime Twitter Spaces should return for the Vols final two games.
  • I'll still take any questions that you have on Mizzou as they come up! I'll start rewatching the Tennessee vs. Mizzou game on Saturday night when I get back from Iowa. Then, I should finish the game on Sunday morning and get to questions. Please send any questions my way at the following link and I'll make sure you get an answer, whether that's with a Tweet, a video, or an article.
  • I'm always looking for feedback to make this the best independent source for college football analysis. If you have any suggestions to make AB on FB better by all means let me know either at this link,, or by sending an email to I'm already planning on making some important changes after hearing from a few of you last week. Thanks again!

That's more like it! After two consecutive weeks of unexpected results that put me behind the chains, so to speak, I got back on track in Week Ten. Last week's three games were decided by an average of seven points. It feels good to be back within single digits. It was almost even closer than that seven point margin, too. Unfortunately – for me as a Tennessee fan, and for many of you who read this newsletter every Saturday morning – Georgia was able to pull away from Tennessee after a strong first quarter and win by 14 points. However, our other picks of the day were much tighter.

Air Force vs. Army was close until the final whistle, as almost all service academy games are. The Falcons came away with a six point victory in the end, which gave them possession of the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy for the first time since 2016. Our evening game selection was Alabama at LSU. The Tigers have come a long way from their season opening loss to Florida State in New Orleans. After scoring a touchdown in overtime against Alabama the Tigers decided to go for two and the win rather than attempt to extend the game with a point after attempt. LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels connected with tight end Mason Taylor who stretched the ball over the goal line to secure the victory. For the first time since 2019 the Crimson Tide now have two losses in the regular season, and they have work to do to ensure that they don't accumulate any additional losses in their final three games.

With only a few weeks remaining before bowl season let's make sure every pick counts! Here are the best early afternoon, late afternoon, and evening games of Week Eleven.

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