Perfect Saturday: Week 3, 2022

Two out of three ain't bad.

After a flawless Week One we followed it up with an almost as entertaining group of Week Two selections. Last week's early afternoon pick was Alabama at Texas. Now, admittedly, I thought that game was going to be a bloodbath. So did every other analyst in the country. Texas played their tails off in a one point loss and they deserve a ton of credit. I'm not prepared to dive headfirst into "Texas is back" discourse just yet, but they showed some signs of a team definitely headed in the right direction. Most importantly, I think Texas uncovered a couple of areas where Alabama isn't as elite as usual – offensive line and wide receiver. They still have plenty of time to iron out their issues, but perhaps another Crimson Tide National Championship isn't quite the foregone conclusion that it was heading into the game with Texas.

Our late afternoon selection was Tennessee at Pittsburgh. Now, I warned you that it was a homer pick, but nothing else during that time slot would be able to match it in terms of excitement. Pitt started the game extremely hot and had a number of chances to pull away. However, mistakes and injuries caught up with the Panthers. Tennessee led for most of the game, but surrendered their lead late after a muffed punt and a 4th down score for Pitt. Tennessee pulled this one out in overtime on the strength of their defense. You're reading that correctly. A Tennessee team, post-1999, won a game in large part because of their defense.

The Perfect Saturday evening pick was, quite frankly, a dud. I assumed that BYU losing their two best receivers would be too much to overcome against a Top-10 Baylor. So I called an audible and switched the game last minute. That one's on me. I should have read the defense better and stuck with the play called. Baylor, strangely in my opinion, didn't seem to trust their quarterback Blake Shapen. They ran the ball 52 times against a tough Cougar defense for less than three yards per carry. BYU came out on top in a double overtime thriller. The game I recommended instead was Arizona State at Oklahoma State. Maybe not the best game on paper, but I thought the Sun Devils had the athletes to hang with the Cowboys – especially if Oklahoma State was back to their old ways of playing defense. To be fair, this was just a three point game early in the fourth quarter, but Oklahoma State pulled away late robbing us of an exciting finish.

I've had a great week of preparation. I'm ready to put last week behind me and go 3/3 on amazing selections this week. If you were stuck on your couch, and could only watch one game at a time, here are the three games I would recommend for college football's Week Three slate of games.

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