Perfect Saturday: Week 6, 2022

Good morning, and welcome back in to another beautiful day of college football!

Can you believe that we're almost halfway through the season already? Time flies when you're having fun.

Last week's Perfect Saturday picks were decided by 3, 10, and 10 points, respectively. Not our worst week ever, but definitely some room for improvement. Wake Forest and Florida State had the entertainment factor, it just wasn't quite as close as I would have liked. Oh, and North Carolina State is dead to me.

I was right about Clemson getting the win, but I knew better than to suggest that the Wolfpack could make it interesting. The lights got bright, and as they have so often done in the past North Carolina State folded under the pressure. Never again, Wolfpack!

I'm feeling really good about these Week Six selections. But first, a couple of reminders.

I wrote a pregame LSU article! If you missed it you can check out all 2,700 words right here: Pregame: Tennessee at LSU. Also, I love taking your questions on all things Tennessee. If you have a question come up during the Tennessee game today and would like me to answer just shoot me a message at this link. I use the Google form to help me stay organized, and to make sure that you as a subscriber are prioritized over any random questions that get thrown my way on Twitter. Also, I'll be coming out with a scheme session video soon after the game using actual game footage. It's a long time coming. If you want to be notified the second that video becomes public please go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Alright, on to the Week Six picks!

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