Perfect Saturday: Week 7, 2022

Good morning!

Thank you all so much for spending part of your day reading the AB on FB Perfect Saturday newsletter. I appreciate your support so much. Last week was another fantastic week of picks around here. Our three selections were decided by an average of just six points. TCU at Kansas was one of the most exciting games of the season, even with the Jayhawks unfortunately losing their starting quarterback to injury.

This week the picks were much more difficult. The schedule is significantly better, so it was hard to narrow it down to just one game in each window! But, those are the rules so we made it happen.

Quickly before we start I want to catch you up on a couple of items that you may have missed. I released a new scheme session video after the LSU game. I used the TV copy this time to do the breakdown, and it was a big hit! You can watch that video right here.

Also, I love taking your questions. If you have any questions during the Tennessee vs. Alabama game that you would like me to answer feel free to shoot them my way at this link. I'll respond to each question after the game, whether that's on Twitter, in the postgame article, or in a scheme session video!

Alright, let's pick the must watch games for Week Seven.

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