Postgame: Kentucky at Tennessee

Postgame: Kentucky at Tennessee
Jaylen Wright (#20) runs away from the Wildcat defense (Ian Cox/Tennessee Athletics)

Guys, I don't think the beer barrel trophy is ever coming back.

For those that don't know, Tennessee and Kentucky used to play for the right to possess a half blue, half orange replica beer barrel. It was definitely one of the cooler rivalry trophies out there in the sport of college football. The battle for the barrel was put on hold in 1998 after two Kentucky football players lost their lives in a car accident in which alcohol played a role. The trophy has popped up on occasion in the years since, but for the most part its whereabouts have remained unknown.

There has been somewhat of a fan movement to restore the trophy to this rivalry game. But, here's the thing. Both teams would need to agree to that. If you're Kentucky, why in the hell would you agree to bring back a trophy for a game that you've only won five times in the last forty-plus years?! That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

I'm pretty pessimistic on the idea of the barrel ever making a return. We'll always have the memories, though. Last Saturday night Tennessee did what Tennessee tends to do regularly in this border battle. The Vols dominated. Here is what I took away from the latest Volunteer victory.

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