Prior Work

This page is an archive of my writing and speaking on podcasts and radio shows prior to the creation of this website. Its inclusion is important for a few reasons. First, it's an introduction to my writing and speaking style for those who may not be familiar with who I am or how I think about the game. Second, while the articles and podcasts archived here are centered around past games involving players who are long-gone I believe the scheme-specific content within them - coverages analyzed, to give just one example - can still add value to the college football fan wanting to learn more about the game. Finally, and most important, I want this to be a space to recognize and thank many people who took a chance on me and gave me opportunities. These people have helped me discover my niche and develop as a content creator, and while a mention here is not nearly enough to pay them back it's at least a start.  

Podcast or Radio:

First, a quick note on the radio segments. It was difficult to find and organize every segment. I'm usually on for a fifteen minute segment that's within an hour long block when the recording is uploaded to various locations. For the sake of simplicity I've included just one example from each show that I have appeared on as a guest.

The Buck Reising Show - 104.5 The Zone:

During the 2021 college football season I was asked to be a guest on Buck's show each Monday. Buck and I spent a segment reviewing the Vols game from the weekend. It was honestly a highlight of every week, and I am so thankful to Buck and his producer Lucas for the opportunity. I hope it's a partnership we can continue into the future.

The Biggest Positives From UT's Loss to Florida - Link

Talk Sports with Jon Reed - 105.7 WKGN:

Out of everyone mentioned Jon may be deserving of the most thanks. Not only did he ask me to come on his radio show as a guest multiple times, but he also passed my name along to Buck. This, along with sharing my content with his Twitter following, might be the largest driver for the growth of my account. I really enjoy supporting Jon, both at Fox Sports Knoxville and at his highly entertaining Reed's Ranch podcast.

Talk Sports 11/24 Hr2: Austin Burlage @Power_T_Tape Joins The Show - Link

Rocky Top Insider:

When Jeremy Pruitt was hired as Tennessee's head football coach I was asked to join the RTI podcast for a discussion on the structural differences between what we saw under the previous staff and what Coach Pruitt would bring to the Vols.

RTI Podcast: A Look at Pruitt’s 3-4 Defense - Link

More Important Issues:

The brains behind the More Important Issues podcast are Landon Raby and Caleb Mitchell. They do a fantastic job talking about all Tennessee sports. In 2018 they asked if I would be a guest on their show to preview Tennessee's game with the UTEP Miners. I really appreciate Landon and Caleb for absolutely carrying me through our discussion. It was one of the first podcasts I ever went on, and I thought I struggled to make what was a bad UTEP team sound interesting. Since our recording they have moved to, and I highly recommend their show to any Tennessee fan.

The One With UTEP - Link

That SEC Football Podcast:

Michael Bratton, or SEC Mike as he's known on Twitter, is the host of That SEC Football Podcast. Mike asked me to join his show in 2020 to preview Tennessee's upcoming season. I think Mike was expecting a short conversation, but I had other ideas. Sorry again, Mike! I found a copy of our interview in Apple Podcasts, but you can see Mike's latest work at

Power_T_Tape interview on Tennessee, Coach O talks up Jabril Cox - Link

Heel Tough Blog:

After four seasons in the Tennessee backfield running back Ty Chandler transferred to North Carolina in January 2021. I joined Anthony Pagnotta of the Heel Tough Blog to offer some insight on what Ty Chandler brought to the Tar Heels.

Heel Tough Blog Podcast - Ep. 217: Power T Tape's Austin Burlage on Ty Chandler - Link


Twitter Moments:

Right before the 2017 college football season kicked off I created a Twitter account and gave it the handle @Power_T_Tape. I was looking for a way to share my analysis of Tennessee football's on-field performance. I started by posting long threads of tweets that included photos, gifs, videos, and diagrams. I've done my best to go back and organize these threads into one location, which can be accessed on my Twitter account as a "moment." I'll still put out threads from time to time, and when I do they will be added to the top of this Twitter moment.

Rocky Top Talk:

Terry Lambert is the site manager for Rocky Top Talk, a Tennessee Volunteers blog on SB Nation. Terry reached out to me when I was still an anonymous Twitter account and asked if I would be interested in writing for the blog. Of course I was! But, I was also nervous. At the time I was a graduate student working toward my Doctor of Physical Therapy. I could tell you a lot about human anatomy, but didn't know a thing about sports writing or blogging. The crew at Rocky Top Talk consisting of Nick Carner, Clint Eiland, Conner Knapp, Noah Taylor, and Evan Winter couldn't have been more welcoming. With their help I learned how to find my voice as a writer, produce content more efficiently, and to ignore the comments section. I also started to realize that this could be more than a hobby if I was willing to put in the work. Writing for Rocky Top Talk was a joy. I am so thankful that Terry took a chance on me, a stranger from the internet.

Listed here are the articles I wrote during my time at Rocky Top Talk. Articles with an asterisk are what I consider some of my best work. In addition to these articles I also contributed to all-staff pieces, as well as the occasional podcast.

Thoughts on the Shocking Chris Weatherd Interview - Link

For Tennessee, Missing on JT Daniels Stings — Georgia Landing Him Makes It Worse - Link

*Tennessee-Oklahoma Way Too Early Film Preview: How the Sooners Use ‘Counter’ - Link

Breaking Down Jarrett Guarantano’s Offseason Throwing Session Video - Link

Tennessee Football Spring Preview: Quarterbacks - Link

*Tennessee Opponent Film Preview: Indiana - Link

Tape Study: How Nigel Warrior Has Turned a Corner in 2019 - Link

*Tennessee Film Study: Using the Unbalanced Formation To Create an Advantage - Link

Breaking Down Tim Jordan’s Touchdown Run Against Mississippi State - Link

*Breaking Down Nigel Warrior’s 3rd Quarter Interception - Link

*Tennessee Opponent Film Preview: Georgia - Link

Tennessee Opponent Film Preview: Florida - Link

Tennessee Opponent Film Preview: BYU - Link

Tennessee Opponent Film Preview: Georgia State — Defense - Link

Tennessee Opponent Film Preview: Georgia State — Offense - Link

Tennessee’s Most Important Players of 2019: No. 1 — Jarrett Guarantano - Link

Tennessee’s Most Important Players of 2019: No. 4 — Wanya Morris - Link

Inside the Tennessee Playbook: Snag - Link

Inside the Tennessee Playbook: Truck - Link

Stranger Things: Tennessee Coaching Edition - Link

Inside the Tennessee Playbook: Blast - Link

Inside the Tennessee Playbook: Ohio - Link

2019 Tennessee Football Opponent Preview: BYU - Link

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2023 Athlete Tony Mitchell Commits to Vols - Link

Tennessee Football: Examining the Linebacker Position - Link

Tennessee Football: Getting To Know Jim Chaney’s Offense - Link

Tennessee Opponent Film Breakdown: Kentucky - Link

Tennessee Opponent Film Breakdown: Charlotte - Link

Tennessee Opponent Film Breakdown: Florida - Link

Tennessee vs. ETSU Film Study - Link

Tennessee vs. West Virginia Film Study - Link

*Tennessee Opponent Film Breakdown: West Virginia - Link

Tennessee’s Most Important Players for 2018: #7 Jonathan Kongbo - Link

Tennessee’s Most Important Players for 2018: #9 Darrin Kirkland Jr. - Link

Tennessee Orange & White Game Breakdown — Defense - Link

Orange & White Game Breakdown — Offense - Link

In addition to the above I also contributed to all-staff prediction articles, all-staff end of season awards articles, and other team-specific blog sites that are no longer in production.

Additional Thanks

The following people do not necessarily fit into one of the categories above, but certainly deserve mention here. I had nothing to offer them, yet they still set aside time to offer advice, encourage me, answer my dumb questions, and push my tweets out to their significantly larger followings. Nick Akridge, John Brice, Reed Carringer, Matt Dixon, Richard Johnson, Zach Ragan, Jesse Simonton, Chris Vasseur, Will Warren, and Mike Wilson - I am incredibly grateful for your kindness and professionalism.