Sample Postgame Report

Sample Postgame Report

Actual, real college football games will be played this Saturday. We did it. Finally. Will they be good games? That doesn't matter right now! The important thing is that college football is back.

With the season ready to kick off that means I am wrapping up my series of sample content and gearing up for the real thing. My goal this summer was to provide content once per week that illustrated the types of content that readers and watchers could expect from me here at this publication. Looking back over the summer I was – mostly – successful in achieving that goal. At times the content maybe wasn't the most exciting, but it was important, and I appreciate you all sticking with it as I get this startup rolling.  

Today's newsletter is a sample postgame report, which I am extremely excited about! Before I show you what it looks like, bear with me while I provide a little background.

The intention of the postgame report is to analyze a game from the perspective of a coach. In my opinion, traditional box scores are limited in the detail they provide.  Advanced analytics can be more helpful, but can also be costly for fans while lacking context.

When football coaching staffs scout an opponent, or self-scout after a game, they will use software to run tendency reports. These reports provide information on formations, plays, coverages, blitzes, and pretty much anything else you can possibly imagine. These reports help coaches identify areas where they are becoming too predictable and understand how an opponent prefers to attack.

To me, reports such as these are much more helpful. Knowing that a team had 22 first downs in a game doesn't give you much information. Knowing that a team ran the ball 70% of the time on those 22 first downs is much more helpful. You can then combine that knowledge with a review of the game film to uncover answers. Perhaps the reason for the high run tendency on first down is a light box presented by the defense?

So, that's the reason for the creation of the postgame report. My hope is that you will find them an interesting alternative to the other postgame stats out there. This is something that will be available to all subscribers, both Kickoff and Touchdown tier members.

Now, there are a ton of games each week and only one of me. Unfortunately, gathering this data is time consuming. Parsing the data is more challenging than I would like it to be, and if I put together a report for every game in a week I wouldn't have time for all of the other cool stuff at AB on FB. But, my promise to you is that I'll put together as many postgame reports as I can, with a focus on what I think will be most popular – this is one area where your subscriber survey really helps me out!

Members of the Touchdown tier receive two Tennessee-centric newsletters per week. One is a postgame breakdown, and the other is an opponent preview. Within these newsletters will be reports very similar to the one you'll see below. The major difference between general postgame reports and those involving Tennessee is that when looking at Tennessee we'll only be focused on one team at a time. For postgame newsletters this will be Tennessee, and for pregame newsletters this will naturally be the Vols' upcoming opponent. You'll see the three major reports, but underneath will be an area charting further specifics such as personnel, surfaces, play type, rushers, and front structure. I'll also slap some of that beautiful orange color on there to make it extra good looking.

Alright, it's about time we get to what this thing looks like. Here is your sample postgame report.

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The season is right around the corner, so I'll be transitioning into my in-season posting schedule. I'll give you an update on what that looks like very soon. I still have a couple other items I want to send your way before the season kicks off!