Subscriber Survey

Subscriber Survey
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Hello, happy Thursday, and welcome to the AB on FB newsletter! We're just over 30 days until the college football season gets underway, and I could not be more excited.

This week's newsletter is another housekeeping item, but it's the last one before the start of the season, I promise! To prove it I've put the rest of the summer schedule at the bottom of this newsletter.

Today I'm writing to let you know that a subscriber survey is now available on the website. You can access it at this link. You can also find it on the website by navigating to the drop-down menu in the website header and clicking on "Subscriber Survey."

I understand that surveys aren't the most exciting thing ever. Not even close. But, with the information you provide I'll be better able to tailor content specifically to what you want to see – and I can ditch what you don't like! Your responses are collected anonymously, and they will not be used for any reason other than to help me make AB on FB the best it can possibly be.

So, if you have a few moments to fill out the survey I would really appreciate it. If you want to wait a bit for more content to come out before completing the survey, that's cool, too. It's available to you whenever you would like to fill it out.

Again, thank you all so much. Back to football next week!

Thanks so much for checking out AB on FB, scheme specific insight on college football. If you're reading this in your email that means you're already a subscriber, which is awesome! Please spread the word about AB on FB to others you think would enjoy this kind of content. On the other hand, if you stumbled across this post as an article and aren't subscribed I would love for you to join. For a full overview of what's offered here at AB on FB please check out the portal at this link.

Here is what the rest of the summer looks like at AB on FB before we kick this 2022 season off:

  • Thursday, August 4th: First Team All Good Vibes - Offense
  • Thursday, August 11th: First Team All Good Vibes - Defense
  • Thursday, August 18th: Stat Spreadsheets and PDFs
  • Thursday, August 25th: Sample Scheme Session